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Carbon Fiber Wall Repair


A very effective method we utilize is Carbon Fiber Straps for reinforcing and stabilizing bowed walls. Carbon Fiber® wall supports are a great solution for repairing bowing walls. The patented system is the strongest system on the market. This is because it ties to both the foundation base and the house framing. We fasten the carbon fiber to the sill plate with a galvanized bracket and secure it to the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin. Deterioration does not occur because we secure the carbon fiber system to the foundation wall with a high strength epoxy, which allows for an even distribution of outside pressure. Carbon fiber works on both block and poured concrete foundation walls to repair not only bowing walls but also all types of foundation cracks.

Carbon fiber wall supports are installed from the inside of the basement, so it is less intrusive and less expensive than other repair options. There is no digging into the yard and carbon fiber is a clean and fast installation. The final finish is smooth, flat, and nearly invisible when painted. The repair is maintenance-free and can be covered without taking square footage from a basement remodel. The Carbon Fiber system is also perfect to install on a bowing wall in your crawl space. It is easy to install in tight locations and the footer is already visible in a crawl space which will ensure an exact connection to the footer of your home. This creates a bowed wall repair, which is stronger than the original bowed wall.

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