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❝ Our experienced team uses the latest tools and techniques designed to protect your home. ❞
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A Little of our History

RC Waterproofing is a 46 year company servicing both residential basement waterproofing and industrial waterproofing as well as chemical protection. How does this benefit our customers? We have access to cutting edge materials through our specialized network of suppliers and access to their respective technical departments. This allows our customers to receive only the most up to date, modern, and effective materials and methods to make sure their basement waterproofing project is done right.

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Meet The Team

Whether it is a small leak that needs to be repaired or a leaking elevator pit, we handle it all. We understand and respect how important your home is and how stressful it is to have a major issue. It’s common to get a few quotes from other contractors, but we urge you to have us out and talk to us before you make a final decision. We want to earn your business and provide you with a great experience, with Michigan based waterproofing and foundation repair experts. As a family owned business who has fostered many relationships both in the residential market as well as the business market, our #1 focus is and always will be 100% customer satisfaction. Reputation is the most important aspect of any business and one which a business such as ours thrives on.

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