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Crawl Space Waterproofing

For most homeowners, the crawl space is going to be the most uninviting area of the home. Oftentimes, you’ll notice musty, moldy smells, wood rot, or pests. Because of this, many people don’t view the crawl space as a usable area of the home and opt to just ignore it completely. While this may be tempting, those issues can be much more serious than they seem. Mold and nastiness in the crawl space will affect the air quality in the rest of the home, which can cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems down the line. In more serious cases, the condition of your crawl space can even deteriorate to the point of causing structural issues. There is a solution, though. The one thing that links all of these problems together and causes nearly all problems you’ll experience in your basement or crawl space: water.

To prevent further problems down the line, it’s always smart to invest in a comprehensive crawl space waterproofing system. When it comes to this, RC Waterproofing is the best in the business.
Crawl space waterproofing is a very broad term. It could apply to perimeter drainage systems, sump pumps, or crawl space encapsulation. Basically, any crawl space system that exists to keep water out of your home would fall under this category. This can include:

· Perimeter Drainage Systems
· Crawl Space Encapsulation
· Dehumidifiers
· Any variation or combination of the services listed above

If you’re worried about the state of your crawl space, then it’s time to get in contact with one of our professionals. We can send a technician out to your home completely FREE of charge, where they will evaluate your situation and come up with the perfect solution to suit your needs.

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